Hiring A Competent Lawyer In Mississippi

If you are a resident of the state of Mississippi, or you are facing a legal issue in the state, you should hire a local lawyer to represent you. Mississippi law differs from other state law, so it is important you hire a legal professional who has been licensed to offer services in the state and has a lot of experience representing and advising clients on a variety of legal issues. Ideally, you should work with certified experts in the field of interest. For instance, if you would like to divorce your spouse, or you have just received divorce paperwork from your spouse, you should hire a lawyer who has been certified as a family law expert by the local bar association. This will go a long way in ensuring you get quality services.

How Mississippi Law Differs from Other State Law

It is important to note that federal law reigns supreme across all the 50 states in the country. However, it only provides guidelines or frameworks. State law is what dictates the thresholds for convicting someone of certain crimes, the types of crimes a person can be charged with as well as the sentences. For instance, in the state of Mississippi, a felon, escaped convict or someone who has been previously convicted of a capital offense can be sentenced to death if found guilty of a capital offense. The death penalty is normally carried out by lethal injection.

In many states, the death penalty has already been vacated and a life sentence put in place. When you are charged with a capital offense in the state of Mississippi, therefore, the stakes are much higher for you, so you need to hire a local capital offense criminal defense attorney with a great track record defending clients. This will improve your odds of getting a non-guilty verdict or having the sentence reduced through negotiations with the prosecutor.